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Solar Toys

Güncelleme tarihi: 10 May

Solar Energy for kids. Lets have beautiful solar powered toys for our children. Their life will be nearly these...

SolarKonsept have some ideas about solar energy for our kids. Will you like?

Teddy bear is a solar genarator.
Teddy Bear has solar panels. Solar Energy for kids.
Solar Toys. Teddy bear is asolar generator.

How about solar powered Barbie doll?
Barbie doll is sitting on a solar street furniture. Solar Toy.
Solar powered Barbie doll.

Ohhh there is a wind powered girl. Cyber Puppet Necla.

Cyberpunk puppet girl has wind turbine.
Cyberpunk puppet girl. She iis a wind generator.
Solar Powered car toy
Solar powered toy car, in a solar carport.
Solar Powered toy car.
Every grandfather is a solar panel lover puppet.
Puppet grandfather with a solar panel. Solar Energy for kids.
Solar toys, grandfather puppet..
Elon Musk action Figure... Oh my Tesla rooftop!
Elon Musk action figure with solar panels.
Elon Musk action figure.

Wind generated girl.
Puppet girl has wind turbine on her head.
Wind generator puppet girl.

Solar panel farm man.
Puppet boy with solar panels. Çocuklar için güneş enerjisi.
Puppet boy in a solar farm
Cyberpunk puppet solar girl.
Cyberpunk girl with solar panels. Çocuklar için güneş enerjisi.
Cyberpunk puppet girl in a solar farm.

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